Health Care Solutions


Health Care IT Companies Pune, India.

The purpose of a hospital information system (HIS) is to manage the information that health professionals need to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Healthcare organizations of all sizes face a critical need to manage and integrate clinical, financial and operational information.

The ultimate goal the organizations offering healthcare solutions are to deliver best patient care. To fulfill the requirements of your clients you need to have best equipment’s, supplies and clinicians. These requirements are very luxurious.

We, Thakur Computer Solutions and Technology Pvt Ltd understand the business of healthcare. You can trust Thakur Computer Solutions and Technology Pvt Ltd for Healthcare Management. We will help you to control cost, work more effectively and eventually maintain your high standards of patient care. We help you to deal with different activities of any Health Care Institutions like Clinics, Hospitals, and Laboratories etc.

Following are the Healthcare Management Solutions provided by us:

  • Hospital Management System
  • Clinic Management System
  • Pediatrician Management Information System
  • Laboratory Management System
  • Radiology Management System
  • Electronic Medical Records System
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Payroll Management System