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Started in the year 2008, Thakur Computer Solutions and Technology Pvt Ltd is a well settled company today. Headquartered in Pune. We have the experience and the understanding to improve business performance and business processes and technology platforms. We possess a keen understanding of the Client requirements hence our solutions focus on delivering competitive business advantage and increased productivity for all our clients in a cost effective manner.

Focus on Customer Delight

While our culture of thought leadership encourages us to explore new concepts and solutions, our strategic focus of delivering competitive advantage for our client’s business success never varies. The testimony of this fact lies in the fact that our clients consists of Blue-chip and Fortune 500 companies, choose us for repeat business. We meet the client challenges by delivering cost effective solution while maintaining a roadmap that can evolve to fit their future needs.

Partnering with Global Leaders

We believe that in order to keep pace with the global trends, it is imperative to stay connected to the leaders in the field of technology. To that end, we have formed a range of strategic relationships with a number of companies worldwide, which ensures that our products and services are always keeping pace with global trends.

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